Listed below are courses I have taught or am currently teaching along with corresponding evaluations. I am well prepared to teach classes in many areas of mathematics and computer science including probability and statistics, algorithms, data science, operations research, optimization, programming, linear algebra, discrete math, and graph theory. For a teaching statement, please contact me.


Brown University

  • Co-Instructor, Probability, Statistics and Machine Learning: Advanced Methods (Spring 2018)
    Course website: data-2020.github.io

Cornell University

  • Instructor, Engineering Applications of Operations Research (Fall 2016)
    Intro class with around 70 undergraduate students. Devised own course materials and earned an average student score of 4.1/5 (evaluations).
  • Instructor, Optimization II (Summer 2015)
    Summer course with 8 undergraduate students and 1 masters student. Earned an average student score of 4.6/5 (evaluations).
  • Teaching Assistant, Optimization II (Spring 2014)
    Led two recitations with around 50 students combined. Earned an average overall student score of 4.8/5 (evaluations) and was named ORIE Teaching Assistant of the Year by the students.